Self-Guided Growth Resources

For those seeking self-guided growth, SOULSARA's resources are a treasure trove of knowledge, with:
Themes with dedicated scientific resources for self-reflection Proprietary modules in three languages, accessible 24x7x365

Host of forums and content that encourage self-reflection and proactive well-being. Besides this, we also offer TWO proprietary and specialized modules, available on all platforms and in three languages. These modules are akin to having a therapist in your pocket, on call anytime 24x7x365- available whenever you need to work your way through your problems.

Employee Wellness Solutions

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Offers immediate support resources to manage and overcome anxiety or panic

Active Wellness Solutions

Customized Employee Support Services!

Knowledge Hub

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Frequently Asked Questions

SOULSARA is a platform that provides personalized and holistic wellness solutions for businesses. SOULSARA uses propriety scientific tools and patented technologies to assess each employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health needs and preferences and then creates a customized wellness plan that includes online resources, propriety apps, wellness profile, trackers, products and services, fitness challenges, and more. SOULSARA helps employees improve their well-being, productivity, and happiness at work.