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  • Curated resources on NINE THEMES for mental wellness challenges
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  • SARA: your companion and friend for wellness solutions
  • Community Propelled Initiatives (CPI): Help & Earn money.
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Your Loving Community, Where We Support Each Other And Share Our Wellness!

Where We Support Each Other And Share Our Wellness-Will Change

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Your One Stop Platform For Wellness


Your One Stop Platform For Wellness

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Why It's Your Community?

  • Connect, share, support for mental wellness.
  • Access to personalized expert guidance and support for you.
  • Curated happy news & science-backed resources with our Times & Themes.
  • SARA your companion across the ecosystem for support.
  • Community Propelled Initiatives (CPI): Help & Earn money.

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You Are The Miracle

Purpose: To help you to deal with PTSD & Depression This theme includes all topics related to Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), coping with trauma, and dealing with the anxiety that comes with it.

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Kabir S

SOULSARA Community is a place where I can share my story and connect with others who understand what I’m going through.

Sunitha T

The community is supportive, compassionate, and inspiring.The articles are informative, relatable, and uplifting.SOULSARA helped me overcome my anxiety.

Anjali Perera

SHOP@SOULSARA is a great website for finding online therapists and support groups.It’s like help is just a click away!

Meena Shah

SOULSARA is a wonderful website that has helped me improve my mental wellness in many ways.I love listening to their podcasts that feature experts from different fields of healing and wellness.I also enjoy reading their positive and inspiring articles on SOULSARA TIMES.Their products are amazing too, especially the light therapy lamp and the sound healing bowl.SOULSARA is a great community for mental wellness.”

Ava Davis

“I joined SOULSARA a few months ago and I’m so glad I did.It’s a unique platform that offers a holistic approach to mental wellness.I learned a lot from their themes which cover topics like anxiety, depression, stress, happiness, and more.I also participated in their CPI program and earned some money by sharing my story and helping others.SOULSARA is more than just a website, it’s a movement.”

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