Who SOULSARA Serves?


Empower Your Well-being with Our Personalized Wellness Pathways!

HR Personnel

Enhance Team Vitality with Our Comprehensive Well-being Strategies!


Drive Performance and Morale with Our Holistic Managerial Tools!


Boost Team Performance and Productivity with Our Customized Well-being Programs!

What’s In It For You?

SOULSARA is your workplace wellness ecosystem that curates personalized solutions to boost productivity and provides sustained growth With A People First Approach!

Reduced Attrition & Turnover

Reduces attrition by half, improves productivity by 2.5X

Enhanced Health, Reduced Healthcare Costs

Medical costs fall by about $4 for every $1 spent on wellness programs

Increased Productivity & ROI

Boosts work efficiency and output, saving 624 hours per employee annually and improving productivity by 87%

Improved Morale & Job Satisfaction

Positive And Supportive Work Culture, Saves ~ 15 Lakhs Annually

Enhanced Company Culture & Brand Value

Employee Wellness Programs (EWP) foster a positive and productive workplace


Unprecedented Features Curated For Holistic Wellness!

Offers immediate support resources to manage and overcome anxiety or panic

Active Wellness Solutions

Customized Employee Support Services

Guided Self-Help

Range of Tools To Power Your Wellness Journey


Interactive Dashboard With Quantifiable Data!

Less Discussed Numbers

Understand the impact mental wellness has in real time, move the slider to explore further!

Employees Count


Employees Count


Susceptible to stress


Experiencing Signs That Could Be Impacting Your Well-Being, Such As Fatigue, Workplace Anxiety, And Sleep Disturbances.

Require Help


require intervention in addressing these challenges, such as therapy, consultations with a mental health professional, or structured self-care strategies.

Days Lost


Number of days lost due to mental wellness challenges.

Revenue Lost


$ 0

This Measures The Financial Cost Of Health Issues On Your Company, Showing Lost Potential Earnings From Employee Absenteeism Or Reduced Performance.


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Jangoo Dalal

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“SOULSARA has changed the way we work and live. Our team is more productive, creative, and engaged than ever before. We love SOULSARA!”

Vedant Pujari

Managing Partner
- Accures Legal

“Our team is more confident, calm, and joyful than ever. SOULSARA is a Blessing!”

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Frequently Asked Questions

SOULSARA is a platform that provides personalized and holistic wellness solutions for businesses. SOULSARA uses propriety scientific tools and patented technologies to assess each employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health needs and preferences and then creates a customized wellness plan that includes online resources, propriety apps, wellness profile, trackers, products and services, fitness challenges, and more. SOULSARA helps employees improve their well-being, productivity, and happiness at work.