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SOULSARA, Your Wellness Community Transforming the Workplace

Integral Chakra Psychology®

Personality Assessment Questionnaire

There are always three steps in the successful completion of a counseling session;

  • 1. The counselee accepting the existence of a problem (superficial)
  • 2. The counsellor helping the counselee identify the real (deeper) problem
  • 3. The counselee understanding the true meaning of resolving the deeper problem

There are usually a lot of blind spots and defensive behaviours that the counselee could be operating from, which could also be stopping them;

  • From having a clear understanding of personal behavior (step 2) and
  • The ability to understand the steps to work towards it (step 3).

The purpose of this Integral Chakra Psychology® questionnaire is to simplify the introspective process and helping you see the reasons of your problems.

Chakras, as determining our expectations and affecting our emotions, can be seen as the determining factors behind the patterns of our behaviours, what we now also see as our Personality.

The ICP questionnaire has been designed to help recognize your expectations and emotions that could be determining your predominant personality and thence, a giving a clarity of your strengths, weaknesses and/ or preferences.


  • Omitting an answer may affect the scoring and increase the possibility of a wrong assessment.
  • Hence to know yourself better, it is preferable that you do not hurry and take out some time for yourself to give answers to all the questions.
  • It may take anywhere between 20 to 60 minutes to fill the entire questionnaire and do take time if needed, to find the true answer for yourself.
  • To know your true self, tick the answer regarding ‘what is’ & not what it ‘should be’ about you.