• SOULSARA TIMES, Your go-to happy newspaper with inspiring stories.
  • Curated resources on NINE THEMES for mental wellness challenges
  • Access to a global team of experts and mentors
  • Connect and support from a like-minded community
  • SOULSARA: focused and science-backed self-help tools for you
  • SARA: your companion and friend for wellness solutions
  • Community Propelled Initiatives (CPI): Help & Earn money.
  • Get rewarded for your engagement with SoulPoints
  • SOULSARA: Celebrate wellness with events and festivals
  • Be the Best version of Yourself!

Why we do what we do?

We believe that NO-ONE deserves to live in the shadow of anxiety, sorrow, or stress and live with these negative emotions. This motivation fueled our work & we are proud to introduce an ecosystem dedicated to the cause of a community’s mental wellbeing with the most effective form of Self-Help Tools available in the Mental Wellness Market.

What’s in it for you?

You can be part of a community that supports you on your path to balance and mind-body harmony. A community that is a place of love and a place where you belong and feel connected. In us, our apps, and our community, you will find a companion that you can reach out at any time throughout your life journey, so you are never alone. With us, you will find all of this and in a simple and easy way. It is as easy as joining us and starting your journey towards mind-body harmony.

​You will have in us a true friend who understands you and is always there for you, and continuously empowers you to maintain your mental wellness in a self-managed way with scientifically proven techniques.

How does SOULSARA work?

SOULSARA as its integral part of SOUL STUDIO, Your Scientific Ecosystem For Mind Body Harmony. We use NINE core elements with modalities of light, color, sound & vibrations for mental wellbeing.

SOULSARA, Your Community For Mental Wellness, is your one-stop online platform for mental wellness.

It is home to a loving community that extends support to our zeitgeist by:SOULSARA THEMES which have curated content and support from mentors & groups to help you face the challenges on your mental wellness journey.

SOULSARA TIMES is Your Go-To Newspaper For Mental Wellness. It is rich with positive news & inspiration to help you manifest zeal & positivity.

SHOP@SOULSARA is Your Marketplace For Mental Wellness & has a curated selection of products & services for your journey to mental balance.

The SOULSARA community is ripe with something for everyone, ultimately helping our zeitgeist be the best version of themselves.