For Employees

Empowering Employees To Thrive In Their Roles While Prioritizing Their Well-Being, Enabling Them To Be The Best Version Of Themselves.


Boost Overall Well-Being

Access to the best & most scientific solutions in the industry to boost your well-being holistically

Curated Recommendations

Personalized Recommendations that are unique and relevant to your specific well-being

Panic Support

Self-manage your panic attacks with our Panic Button and You Are Calm Modules

Upskill With SOULSARA

Broaden your skill set with our expert-led courses across various disciplines for holistic career advancement.

Be Stress & Anxiety Free

Power through your work pressure and become more energized & engaged, thrive like never before

Guided Self Help

A range of Wellness Tools, videos, forums & content that empower you to take charge of your well-being

SOULSARA for Employees

SOULSARA is trusted by organizations committed to the well-being of their employees. Employees benefit from SOULSARA by accessing resources that promote mental wellness, personal growth, and connection with peers.

Through SOULSARA's innovative platform, employees gain access to curated support programs addressing all aspects of well-being, uniquely designed to suit their needs. The Knowledge Hub offers a wealth of resources and topics to explore, ensuring continuous inspiration and engagement.

Utilizing insights from the Wellness Profile, SOULSARA empowers employers to implement targeted initiatives that address specific employee wellness needs effectively. In addition to our wellness resources, SOULSARA provides on-site and virtual services like self-care workshops, on-site programs, and educational seminars for holistic employee development. With SOULSARA, employees can thrive in a supportive and enriching work environment.

SOULSARA Advantage

Holistic Well Being

Embrace a comprehensive approach to employee well-being that extends beyond physical fitness and nutrition to encompass mental, environmental, and financial health, fostering a thriving workforce.

Wellness Recommendations

Create exciting and personalized health and wellness initiatives using our patented consumer technologies that are built intuitively and ensure engagement.

Employee Wellness Solutions

Explore Our Offerings & Redefine Your Organization's Wellness Journey

Offers immediate support resources to manage and overcome anxiety or panic

Active Wellness Solutions

Customized Employee Support Services!

Guided Self-Help

Range Of Wellness Tools, Forums & Content That Empower You To Take Charge Of Your Well-Being!

Knowledge Hub

Access all your daily work resources here!

Frequently Asked Questions

SOULSARA is a platform that provides personalized and holistic wellness solutions for businesses. SOULSARA uses propriety scientific tools and patented technologies to assess each employee’s physical, mental, and emotional health needs and preferences and then creates a customized wellness plan that includes online resources, propriety apps, wellness profile, trackers, products and services, fitness challenges, and more. SOULSARA helps employees improve their well-being, productivity, and happiness at work.